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10525 Cliffwood

Houston, Texas 77035

Chartered by: Willow Parentís Club

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Troop 740 meets every Monday at 7:30 p.m. & camps once a month during the school year

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     Committee Chair Romeo Pulikkathara
Scoutmaster Iris Bolton
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EAGLE PROJECTS (2006 to current)

Lewis Lyons (2013)

Book Drive for KIPP Preparatory School


Kenny Jones (2013)

Refurbish memorabilia cabinet for Beasley Elementary School


William Nelson (2013)

Duck Cage for TX Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition

Kameron Scott (2013)

College Corner @ KIPP Preparatory School

Adam DeWalt (2012)

Supply drive for Houston Humane Society

Daniel Ward (2012)

Repair & Restoration of
Church playscape


Ethan Rideaux (2012)

Installation of gravel path through school orchard

Sharif Stallworth (2012)

Painted house addresses on curbs in Arcott Place, Stafford TX for emergency response teams


Jarrett Villery (2012)

Re-striping Meals on Wheels parking lot

Dylan Aguilar (2012)

Road improvement for 4H Club of Houston

Julian Outlaw (2011-12)

Welcome baskets and pillow cases for Depelchin Children's Center

Ted Hamilton (2011)

Cover for Picnic table & slab @ Westbury Church of Christ

Mitch Sawyer (2011)

Landscaping for Houston's Heritage Society's Playhouse

Nick Sutter (2011)

4H trough repair and water pipe installation

Sean Coughlen (2010)

Cross Replacement
@ St. John's Presbyterian

Mitchell Douglass (2010)

Picnic table foundations @ Westbury Church of Christ

Derrick Axtell (2009)

SWIM Markers in Willow Meadows Neighborhood

Steven Brown

Food Drive
for Houston Food Bank

Craig Booker

Computer Equipment
for Tech and Trainers

Will Cano

Landscaping Chapel at Bethany United Methodist Church

Jeremy Dajao

Benches for St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church

Kyle Coughlen

Pet Washing Station
at Bellaire Dog Run

Travis Cochran

Pond Deck
at Sinclair Elementary

Two sets ready for assembly.

Trey Sharretts

Picnic tables
for Parker Elementary

Matt Peters

Landscaping at Willow Meadows Baptist Church

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